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Kaori HATA

end2end TV Patron

“I am happy to become a patron for e2e TV. I am conducting some research into how communication styles have changed due to Covid-19 and the effect of this on pedagogical issues. end2end TV fits this well; their programme is just what I'd like to know more about and I am excited to be associated with them.”

About Kaori

Kaori is an associate professor at Osaka University, Japan. She has conducted longitudinal research for a decade about immigrants who have children in the UK. Her recent work is published from John Benjamins Publishing, titled 'Bonding through Context: Language and interactional alignment in Japanese situated discourse' ( Through this research she has analysed how social change makes a strong impact on our daily life, way of thinking, and pedagogical issues.


From this point of view, Kaori is highly interested in children’s education, especially how people are overcoming difficulties and adapting to change as a result of new circumstances. 


end2end TV is a brave challenge in this new era. She is looking forward to supporting it.

June 2021

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