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*Crew News Announcement*

Milestone Moment!

end2end TV CIC stands as a shining example of what can happen when the creative torch is passed to the next generation. As we step into the future, end2end TV has reached a milestone moment and is moving into an exciting new era with a brand-new crew composition. This [academic] year we say hello to our end2end [e2e] TV Crew 23, a blend of seasoned veterans from our previous crew and fresh faces eager to make their mark. Our innovative approach involved recruiting two distinct groups: a main e2e Crew and a Reserve Crew, designed to bring versatility and dynamism to all of our projects and offer a range of opportunities that fit the schedules of all of our members.

end2end TV CIC was founded with a clear mission: to empower young people to take the reins of television and film production. By providing them with a platform to develop technical skills, nurture creativity and find their voice through film. Helping the next generation of filmmakers, writers, directors, and producers to practise and advance their craft in a variety of immersive filmmaking activities and professional opportunities.

"Our main e2e Crew is the backbone of end2end TV; an integral part of our team. Innovation thrives when new perspectives are welcomed, and that's one of the reasons behind our re-structure."

Due to the continuity of regular training sessions, the e2e Crew’s teamwork is enriched with accumulated knowledge and leadership, ensuring any production or event runs smoothly, and injecting a fresh wave of creativity into every project.

Our Reserve Crew also adds to our company structure; invited to crew professional events and support projects, they offer incredible support and are very much valued members of our team.

"We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our new e2e Crew 23 and Reserve Crew! A group of young people, aged 10 - 15, who attend nine different schools across the London Borough of Bexley; both Primary and Secondary. A blend of original crew members, News Crew, Media Team and workshop participants."

Adventure is calling. The kit has been ordered. Projects are in progress.

It's going to be fun!

e2e Crew* 23: Andrew, Caitlin, George, Isla, Jack, James C, James S, Joseph, Lily, Memphis, Ruby, Sophia, Victoria, Zachary, Zara

Reserve Crew: Dylan, Louie, Elouise, Jess, Josh and Louie H

*not in any order


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