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Filming Outdoor Theatre

Thank you to our patron, Jeremy Harrison for introducing us to Ruth, the Production Manager of Rose Bruford's Summer showcase: Adrift - The Odyssey; an outdoor promenade performance created as a result of the enormous challenges experienced during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We loved having the opportunity to film one of the shows.

Let's remember that the crew on this location shoot are just 11 years old!

Truly inspirational, and to showcase and celebrate the e2e Crew we have put together a short 'behind the scenes' video - filmed on our baby cam. The main edit will be put together by them in September, when we are back at school.

With theatre and live performances now beginning to recover, filming this event was a wonderful opportunity to support our local community and the amazing emerging talent on and off stage, as well as being a fantastic opportunity for the e2e Crew.

We immersed the crew into the experience, starting with discussing the risk assessment and having a walk through of the dress & tech run in the afternoon. We met Ruth and the Technical Manager Bev, who talked us through their roles and gave us the info needed to inform our filming plans.

The e2e Crew did not stop there; they were instrumental in setting up our equipment, white balancing the cameras and testing sound. Joined by more of the crew for the evening performance they set up and got ready to shoot. Moving between many different locations in the beautiful grounds of Rose Bruford College, the crew not only filmed and were mindful of the audience, they skillfully moved equipment and worked in crews of three; fulfilling camera, sound & directing roles. They were focused and dedicated throughout the day and we had lots of professionals praising them!

Well done to all involved and thank you to Rose Bruford College for this fantastic opportunity.

It was a great performance and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Here's a few production photos we took during the performance. 12.8.21


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