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'leave a legacy' #Community #Snapshot #PlatinumJubilee

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We were asked by CCEvents Ltd if we were interested in running the 'leave a legacy' station at the BIG Jubilee Celebration being held at Lesnes Abbey on Sunday 5th June, as part of Bexley's celebrations for the Queen's Platinum anniversary. We were thrilled to agree and put it into the hands of the e2e Crew to capture a snapshot of community, marking a unique occasion through the eyes of the young people themselves.

On the day, the crew collected memories and interviewed people of all ages who attended this vibrant and diverse community celebration. They also live streamed parts of the day to our YouTube channel, as well as filming footage of the event itself which was then used in the production of our special 'leave a legacy #community snapshot' video (coming soon).

It was an absolute pleasure to mark our Queen's Special Platinum Jubilee by meeting so many people of all ages from our local community. It was wonderful to give young people the opportunity to film and record from their own perspective, whilst using such advanced technical skills. They produced brilliant results and we're proud of the team! BIG thanks to everyone who spoke to us and left a legacy - it was great to meet you!

Congratulations to CCEvents Ltd, Lesnes Abbey Lodge and Children's University (#plug end2end TV are a learning destination!) for organising such a lovely day.

The Big Jubilee Celebration Event 'leave a legacy' video 2022

With thanks to e2e Crew member Jack for his great Jubilee illustration of OBU :)


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