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Primary Workshop Launch ‘Through Their Eyes’

With many of our e2e Crew beginning their Silver Arts Award journey, it tied in brilliantly with our ‘Through Their Eyes’ Primary Workshops launch last month.

The crew helped plan an afternoon spent at Wentworth Primary School during their Science Week; giving a group of enthusiastic Year 4-5 pupils a hands on multi camera TV Experience.

After setting up our green screen studio in their hall, we connected up OBU [our outside broadcast unit] that was parked outside.

The Wentworth Media Team had a marvelous time being presenters, camera operators, floor managers, vision mixers & directors; creating a programme that celebrated their Science Week learning.

It was a great afternoon! Thank you to Wentworth Primary School for hosting us & to the e2e Crew for sharing their expert skills with others.

Our 'Through Their Eyes' Workshop can be personalised. All enquiries are welcome, please email:


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