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We’re Live! Digital Exhibition Opens!

We are thrilled to announce the culmination of an extraordinary journey - the launch of the Through Our Eyes Digital Heritage Exhibition. This innovative project has brought together pupils from multiple schools around Bexley to explore and celebrate the heritage of their schools. From research to interviews and creative filmmaking, their efforts have led to a captivating exhibition full of history and storytelling.

For months, young historians have immersed themselves in the past and been working to create a brand new digitalised heritage collection. They have flipped through rich and fascinating documents to uncover the history of their schools, conducted heartfelt interviews with alumni to learn about their personal experiences and have gained insights into the experiences of the students who have walked the halls before them.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, these students have transformed their findings into multiple forms of artistic expression. Documentaries for the participating schools are the highlight of this digital exhibition - the first of its kind in The Stables Gallery at Hall Place & Gardens, Bexley. Delve into the exclusive interviews with alumni and pupil driven research on full display. 

You can also watch dramatisations created entirely by the students, portraying how different school life was for past generations, and listen to the music they have produced themselves, to compliment their documentaries; adding an important layer to their storytelling.

The Through Our Eyes Digital Heritage Exhibition is more than just a showcase of legacy short films - it is a celebration of culture, community and the inspired young people who contribute to it everyday. 

Young people have created a brand new vibrant heritage collection about the history of their schools, but more than that [yes, there’s more!] they have started a conversation, considered change and realised similarities. Hundreds of school children have participated in this ground breaking project. They’d love for you to come & see what they’ve created.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and celebration at The Stables Gallery in Hall Place & Gardens, Bexley from 17th February until the 18th March 2024. 

Save the date, spread the word, and be part of history in the making.

Let’s see history through their eyes, together.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Burnt Oak Junior School, Old Bexley C of E Primary School, Bexley Grammar School and Hurstmere School over the last 10 months. Hundreds of pupils have worked on the Through Our Eyes Heritage Project, working with industry professionals and specialists in their field; end2end TV CIC, Bexley Archives, Bexley Music and Vital Thread Productions. The outcomes speak for themselves - young people (aged 8 - 15) have achieved outstanding results and created a brand new, vibrant digitalised collection of heritage, destined to tour for the rest of 2024, before being donated to Bexley Archives in January 2025."


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