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Our TV Studio and Production Control Room at Hurstmere School is entirely new and innovative. In the multi camera green screen studio pupils literally merge with the backgrounds surrounding them! Pupils are able to edit and adapt these backgrounds to meet their needs and interact with them; allowing them to extend their learning and understanding of narrative, literacy and technical skills across all subject areas in a unique environment. It’s exciting to be pioneering this new learning technique in a studio setting and giving young people opportunities that they have never encountered before.

Collaborative Article written by the pupils:

We had some of our Geography lessons in a TV Studio last year! I go to Hurstmere School in Sidcup, and we are lucky enough to have end2end TV based at our school. They are an external TV Production Company, who work in partnership with Hurstmere for two days a week, so some of our lessons are entirely different!


We have taken our Geography learning to the studio and worked with end2end to produce programmes that will be used as a learning resource for others, as well as being a great way to bring our learning to life using film. We have used end2end TV’s Digifilmix    techniques to edit and adapt backgrounds, present to camera and literally merge into the topic. We even get to use the cameras and other equipment to produce the film too!

Digifilmix    Deforestation:




Pupil Feedback:

"I think it’s brilliant. We have brought our Geography topics to life and as well as that, we have learnt how to operate cameras and present in front of them too. It’s been an amazing experience as it has taught me skills I wouldn’t normally have learnt in school."

"It will provide next year’s Year 7 & 8s the opportunity to make better PowerPoints and presentations themselves. It’s good to learn in a different way. If you are sitting in class and all the lessons use PowerPoint, you can get bored of it. However, if you learn in a different way and it’s interactive, it will stick in your head for longer."

"It’s an experience pupils will remember, I know I will – it’s not like you are sitting down doing stuff, you are actively involved and enjoying learning."




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