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Ben Year 6

"I liked the variety of roles we got to try in the TV Studio & Production Control Room. I really enjoyed using professionaI equipment and it didn't take me very long to understand what I needed to do. Filming was fun!"

TV & Film Workshop 2023

Emilia Year 8

"The workshop experience was packed with many different activities and film making opportunities, which was fantastic! The fact that we got to work with broadcast cameras, vision & sound mixers and lots of props was really fun to do with new friends!

TV & Film Workshop 2022

Dan Year 10

"Being shown how to do something and then actually learning by doing and having the opportunity to use professional equipment and figure things out, is the best way to learn. We are often learning without realising it."
Gold Arts Award Achiever 2022

Hurstmere School Working Partnership

"Whether in the studio or on location, by putting the whole production process into the hands of young people it enables them to increase their understanding of digital media and work with their peers to construct new digital outcomes, where they bring their ideas and narratives to life using broadcast technologies. It’s definitely proving popular and demonstrates the depth of technical, digital & life skills that are achievable by young people of all abilities when using a hands-on approach."


Lorraine Smith


"Our TV Studio and Production Control Room at Hurstmere School is entirely new and innovative. In the green screen studio pupils literally merge with the backgrounds surrounding them! KS3 & 4 pupils are able to edit and adapt these backgrounds to meet their needs and interact with them; allowing them to extend their learning and understanding of narrative, literacy and technical skills across all subject areas in a unique environment. It’s exciting to be pioneering this new learning technique in a studio setting and giving young people opportunities that they have never encountered before.”


Peter Barrett


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