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Peter Barrett

Peter initially worked with the producers of ‘Loose Talk’ for Channel 4. As a producer and director he established the TV production and training company Meridian Vision in the early eighties. Clients included Channel 4, ITV, Shell and others. He was instrumental in producing the successful ‘Open the Box’ programme of videos for pupils studying GCSE Media Studies. Peter moved on to create Triangle TV with other partners. He produced and directed various adverts incorporating live action and computer graphics for computer games companies (EA, Activision, Telecomsoft - Rainbird). Working with Commodore Computers and their Amiga graphics computer, he pioneered the use of the Amiga in Broadcast Television. The company also trained Saatchi & Saatchi and other institutions on how to use the Amiga graphics capabilities in their presentations.


Peter diversified and became ICT leader in a large primary school.  He moved on to become ICT project manager of Kings Cross Educational Action Zone (KXEAZ) implementing a laser network connecting 6 Primary and Secondary schools across the EAZ. Exciting initiatives included producing Virtual Carmen and working with children together with NASA and the BBC. Peter has presented at many conferences including the Guardian ICT conference. 


Previously a Specialist Computing Teacher at an Outstanding School, he believes young children are capable of using highly innovative technologies and starts teaching Video Editing​ to children at age 7. Peter excels in visualising how emerging technologies can be used in children's learning. He also enjoys developing film based activities for children.

Peter co-founded end2end TV CIC with Lorraine in January 2021. end2end TV is an independent not for profit TV Production company crewed by young people, based at Hurstmere School in Bexley.

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