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WOOP! February Workshop Excellence!

Our first TV & Film Workshop of the year celebrated some outstanding successes - a vast amount of technical knowledge and skills was learnt by all of our participants, wrapped up in lots of creativity, teamwork and FUN!

Young people aged 8-14 explored the art of advertising; scripting and storyboarding adverts for 'places and things'. As well as the creative process of choosing props, video backgrounds and adding to the autocue, they also had opportunities to crew the TV Studio and Production Control Room; mixing their videos live.

end2end TV puts the creation of digital content into the hands of the young people themselves, helping them to understand the media involved so they can construct new content with greater understanding. Our practical, hands on approach gives young people experience in both real life TV Production roles and using broadcast standard equipment. Teamwork is paramount and the end results are a powerful testament to what young people can achieve when given an opportunity. All participants excelled and we are incredibly proud of them all!

It was an amazing two days!

But enough from us - let's hear what the young people thought!

Multi Camera Green Screen Studio

"The floor manager listens to the director and is the voice in the Studio; clapper helps everything run to time and the camera operators need to frame their shots well. All the roles are equally important and worked really well together. It was alot of fun!" Imogen

Production Control Room

"I thought it was really fun to try out all the equipment and gadgets; it helped me to understand what they do and how they work together. I enjoyed the responsibility I had as a sound operator in the control room during filming." William

In front of camera

"It was fun and exciting, made better because we got to storyboard our ideas and decide what we were going to do on the green screen. The moving backgrounds and props helped us bring our adverts to life!" Emily

All testimonials are from first time participants. 😀

Well done to all of our February Workshop Team!


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