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An Exciting New Chapter!

We began our transition to Hurstmere Secondary School earlier this year, in April. end2end TV remains an independent not for profit TV Production Company, but we are proud to announce we are now based at, and working in partnership part time with, Hurstmere School in Sidcup.

We originally welcomed Year 7 pupils from Hurstmere’s music department’s in-house record label ‘Studio-Fix’ to our Green Screen Studio at Burnt Oak Junior School last Summer, when we filmed some promo videos as part of a transition project. Later that year, in October, the e2e Crew filmed the Year 7 Music Showcase at Hurstmere, with two of our crew being new Year 7s there at the time. We recognised immediately that both Studio-Fix & e2e place young people at the heart of the technical & creative process, and the young people were thriving as a result. Passionately supported by the Principal of Hurstmere, Lynn Bennett, and the whole school community, we visited to officially introduce ourselves shortly after. The rest, as they say, is history;

end2end TV are thrilled to be working in partnership with Hurstmere School as an independent TV Production Company; using inclusive hands-on TV & Film opportunities to enrich & integrate with the curriculum.

Perhaps as a nod to our closing chapter at Burnt Oak, our first opportunity at Hurstmere involved a brand new project led by PE Teacher & resident bee keeper, Mike Wright, called ThrHive. As part of the Year 7 ‘hands-on’ project running for the first time this year, pupils were making bee hives to house the bees who decided Hurstmere was their destination last Summer. The boys didn’t just make bee hives though! They also filmed and spoke about the project so brilliantly that we knew we had to document the ongoing journey of ThrHive. 🐝

You can watch Parts 1 & 2 here:

Part 3 is coming in the Autumn Term with the extraction of Hurstmere’s very own honey! 🍯

ThrHive was a fabulous project to begin our collaboration at Hurstmere and we’re really enjoying filming the different stages along the way. Two of our crew even got to wear bee suits and film close up in Hurstmere’s Apiary! As well as giving the pupils themselves the opportunity to film and document such a unique project, everybody is learning an incredible amount about bees in the process and we can’t wait for the next instalment soon!


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