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From Script Writers to Film Makers

Filmed in two groups, over four days; how far would you go to solve a mystery?

Proudly sharing the trailer to our first e2e green screen film: One Day ...

One Day ... an end2end TV Film 2021 - Coming Soon!

Earlier this year, Lola (one of our crew) showed us a story she had written which went on to inspire the whole crew to adapt it; producing a script for their first film.

The setting was an empty school - how cool is that - and by using green screen technology the children could travel anywhere in time and space. This meant their ideas were quite literally limitless; fueling their imaginations further than ever! This enabled them to develop their story line, try new roles and be immersed in the whole Film Production process in a wonderful way. The team work was incredible ... and so was the bloopers reel!

Over the Summer holidays we held four filming days where they could be in front of camera acting, behind operating the camera and sound, or recording voice overs. As it turned out that also included filming a Zoom call due to self isolation as well, but nevertheless we were really pleased that we could involve the whole crew in producing their first film! A brilliant achievement.

We can't wait to show you the finished film next year! It will be premiering when we launch our new TV Channel in 2022!


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