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Amazing Short Film Creators!

WOW! What a brilliant three day workshop we've had this week!

"I liked being in the Production Control Room, because you can be part of the team making sure everything is filmed well." Riya

Young people aged 8-14 have created their own short films by experiencing our multi camera green screen setting and production control room; from taking on our digital story media & prop challenge to storyboarding, they got hands on with broadcast equipment, managed the studio, directed the filming and edited their own trailer using two types of software! This was all wrapped up with the most incredible teamwork and it was wonderful seeing so many smiling faces and friendships developed over our time together!

We always ask our workshop members for their feedback and were thrilled to hear what they thought of our first three day workshop in our new studio faciities!

"I don't really like acting, but being on a green screen was really fun because it was a whole new experience!" Bea
"I liked being a camera operator and working in the Production Control Room. It helped me to figure out how everything all worked together." Joe

Score out of 5




Production Control Room [PCR] Roles




TV Studio Roles


In front of camera








Overall Workshop Score Did they enjoy it?

100% said yes! It was amazing!

"Everything was amazing, but I really enjoyed being in front of camera!" Alex

A HUGE well done goes to everyone of our Easter Workshop Team! The whole production process was in their hands and they did a great job! Awesome!

Be sure to give their mini showreel a watch above! 👆

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