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Interactive Digifilmix™ New Chapters at e2e!

In the dynamic landscape of education, innovative approaches to learning are essential to challenge how we think about education and to use a modern approach to meet pupils' needs. At the forefront of innovation within education is end2end TV CIC with their Digifilmix™ techniques. Taking interactive learning to new heights, multiple groups of Year 9 and 10 pupils at Hurstmere School in Sidcup are learning in end2end’s TV Studio and Production Control Room, working towards a Silver Arts Award (equivalent to a GCSE grade 9-4).


In the multi-camera green screen studio, pupils literally merge with the backgrounds surrounding them. They are able to edit and adapt these backgrounds to meet their needs and interact with them; allowing them to extend their learning and understanding of narrative, literacy and technical skills across all subject areas in a unique environment.

Following the great success of pupils last year, as celebrated in an article published by the National Newspaper, First News, a new chapter has begun at the established TV Production Company for young people and Arts Award centre, end2end TV CIC. Starting this month, Year 9 pupils will stretch their wings creatively and learn in a refreshing and interactive way during their weekly session in the studio. end2end TV pride themselves on their exclusivity and the way their program of activities has demonstrated time and again the many benefits it has on pupils with their hands-on experiential learning approach. Young people experience a myriad of new techniques such as Digifilmix™, which give them the opportunity to deepen teamwork, technological, creative and leadership skills, which are all vital to help people find their preferred way to learn and to support the retention of information.

Year 9 students will start off by learning about the history of film using different types of cameras going back to the days of video tape, to kick start their Silver Arts Award. Meanwhile, Year 10 students have begun by using the TV studio facilities to create film and animation sequences.


Digifilmix™ techniques give students a new, refreshing and enriching way to learn and it all started with their sessions at school. Hurstmere School and end2end TV stand as a shining example of how embracing cutting-edge technology can revolutionise education and make it more inclusive for everyone. They also love opening up the opportunity to all young people aged 8-14, across the London Borough of Bexley and beyond, by offering practical sessions using broadcast equipment in their school holiday workshops.


Hurstmere School's vision is for their pupils to Believe and Achieve; to be the best that they can be. Their R-Trails adapt brilliantly into our Arts Awards Program.

We [end2end TV CIC] are an external community interest company, working in partnership with and based at Hurstmere School. As well as working inside the curriculum and running clubs exclusively for Hurstmere pupils on a part time basis, we also manage various community projects, film events and run workshops for young people ... and more besides!


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