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Community Impact Reflections

end2end TV is a not for profit community interest company, based in the London Borough of Bexley.

We originally founded end2end TV in January 2021 and with the country back in lockdown for the third time, we used our time sourcing equipment & making plans! We had been working with our Media Crew since 2018, when they were then just 8 years old, and we offered them the opportunity to complete a scholarship with end2end TV that included working towards an Arts Award, with the scholarship officially launching in April 2021. It was an amazing year, which we blogged about here.

2022 began with the completion of the crew's scholarship & Bronze Arts Award success in TV Production. Our crew became an integral part of e2e, not only contributing a young person's perspective, but also an inordinate amount of talent, skill & personality to the company. 😃

As we reach the end of 2022 we are proud to reflect on what has been an absolute stand out year in so many ways. We put young people at the heart of each & everything we do & love celebrating their achievements along the way.

When you work in TV & Film there are always a few 'unglamorous' parts to the job - the things you don't see, but are there! The lifting, carrying, weather and such like. Add into the mix that we also moved schools, which meant relocating our studio too and you can see it has definitely been a year that has embraced change & growth. We really are thrilled to share some of end2end TV's 2022 highlights:

From partnering with the British Film Institute and running their first ever multi-camera live TV workshop for their young filmmakers, appearing on Bafta award-winning news programme FYI and being broadcast on Sky News, building a permanent TV Studio & Production Control Room and starting our exciting working partnership with Hurstmere School, creating our new Media & News Teams in both Primary & Secondary Schools, successfully delivering four levels of Arts Awards up to GOLD, to having the privilege to have worked with so many amazing young people, enabling them to have fun and learn advanced tech skills by getting hands on with professional broadcast equipment - it has been a great year!

Let's take a closer look at the things end2end TV has been involved in this year and see how we have reached young people and made a community impact.👇

As we leave 2022 and begin the next, we would like to say a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who we have worked with, both young and older. Your support has been invaluable and we are so excited to be on this journey with you.

Wishing you a peaceful and contented 2023.

Peter & Lorraine

Founders of end2end TV CIC


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