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Digifilmix Project Launch! 🎬

We have been using our Digifilmix techniques during the Spring Term at Hurstmere School, where end2end TV work within the curriculum for two days a week. This term we have been working with the Media and News Teams using the studio equipment (Hurstmere TV is coming soon!) as well as groups from the Geography, Art and AEN departments.

Our TV Studio and Production Control Room at Hurstmere School is entirely new and innovative. In the multi camera green screen studio pupils literally merge with the backgrounds surrounding them! Pupils are able to edit and adapt these backgrounds to meet their needs and interact with them; allowing them to extend their learning and understanding of narrative, literacy and technical skills across all subject areas in a unique environment. It’s exciting to be pioneering this new learning technique in a studio setting and giving young people opportunities that they have never encountered before.

Outcomes from our Digifilmix techniques are brilliant - and will be revealed fully next term, but for now we are thrilled to share some images of the boys in action.

Congratulations to all of the boys in our curriculum groups for achieving an Arts Award Discover this term!

Digifilmix is a brand new filming technique developed by © NoLimitsDigitalMedia


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