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e2e Tech Instructors!

Our e2e Crew have been participating in our TV NOW! Scholarship Program since April, training in advanced TV Production and working towards their Bronze Arts Award. We loved celebrating their achievements so far by inviting parents and patrons to a presentation last Saturday, which included the fast becoming tradition of eating cake!

Videos were shown from the last six months, including a fun bloopers reel of our e2e film shot over the Summer, premiering later this month! We welcomed our patrons too and presented the crew with their Instructor Jackets - a much awaited part of the occasion!

The e2e Crew will be working towards the leadership part of their Arts Award by instructing others at our first e2e TV Club #1 - a ten week course for children in Y4-8 giving them an introduction to TV Production, who themselves will begin their Arts Award journey by achieving a Discover Arts Award on completion of the course.

We are incredibly proud of the e2e Crew and cannot wait to see them take on their new leadership roles. Well done to the team!


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