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Heritage Project Begins!

We are thrilled that our Through Our Eyes heritage project was awarded a grant of £152,683 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund in May this year, enabling us to empower children from local schools to become the driving force behind historical exploration and preservation. This hands-on research journey will culminate in the creation and production of documentaries, allowing these budding historians to narrate their schools' rich history from their own unique perspectives.

In an age where history is often confined to the pages of textbooks, the Through Our Eyes Heritage Project breathes life into the study of the past by giving pupils an active role in historical discovery and the opportunity to speak with alumni who used to go to their school. Spearheaded by dedicated educators at end2end TV CIC, in partnership with Bexley Archives, Bexley Music and Hall Place & Gardens, Bexley. Supported by the community, this pioneering project seeks to bridge the gap between generations, fostering a deeper appreciation for history and its impact on the present.

Through engaging in hands-on research, the young historians will delve into school archives, conduct interviews with alumni and long-serving staff members, and look at historical records and artefacts. By digging deep into the past, they will uncover fascinating narratives that have been obscured by the passage of time. These stories will come to life once again, resonating with the pupils as they realise their own connection to a larger historical tapestry.

As the students unearth these hidden gems of history, they don the hats of filmmakers and storytellers. Armed with newfound knowledge and boundless creativity, they collaborate to produce a documentary that captures the essence of their individual school's past. From scripting and filming to editing and post-production, every aspect of the documentary becomes a canvas for their imagination and vision.

The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project thrives on the support and enthusiasm of the local community. Parents, teachers, school staff, and community members rally behind these young historians, recognizing the importance of encouraging a deeper connection to their history and heritage. Local organisations like Bexley Music also lend their expertise and resources to ensure the success of the documentary creation process.

This project aims to empower children to become creators of history and transform them into confident, empathetic, and inspired leaders of the future. It will run during 2023-2024, with a digital exhibition in Hall Place & Gardens scheduled for February - March 2024.

You can find out more at our dedicated website:


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