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Storyboard & Animation Project with Jay Clarke

end2end TV is privileged to have such inspiring patrons supporting them. Last year we linked up with Jay Clarke who delivered an amazing three day Storyboard & Animation Workshop with us over Zoom.

The project enabled a group of young people aged from 8 - 15 to participate. They learnt about Jay's career and worked as a team to develop characters and story ideas - coming up with the fantastic energetic 'Buzzy Bee' and ever so slightly grumpy 'Gargoyle' characters and an original storyline.

The group had time between each session to draw their own storyboards, using paper and pencils or different types of software. We had demonstrations on Adobe Photoshop and in each workshop the children had time to draw alongside Jay, whilst chatting and bonding as a team.

Two of the group featured this amazing project in their recent Bronze Arts Award. Jack is a member of the e2e Crew and loves drawing, comic strips and animation, originally bringing his talent to children's newspaper, Burnt Oak Buzz [est. 2018] as the 'comic strip guy', before becoming a part of the Media Crew. His digital portfolio overflowed with creativity and technical skills amassed in his TV NOW! Scholarship, which included the incredible animation 'Bee & Gargoyle' above.

Emily also took part in this project producing some fantastic drawings and her storyboard ideas developed really well. We'd worked with Em during lockdown 2020 in another video project we were running and it was great to have the chance to see her again. During every session, we loved hearing the group chatting about their ideas and watching them bring them to life. Emily's Bronze Arts Award combined storyboarding & animation with her love of the theatre, both as an audience member and performer.

Jay attended our Arts Award Celebration on Zoom and presented Jack & Emily with a very special certificate penned live, to congratulate them on their storyboard achievements! It was amazing having Jay with us and he sent his congratulations and best wishes to the whole crew - we can't wait to work with him on another exciting project this year, but more on that soon!

© end2end TV, Jay Clarke 2022

Jack went on to create an animation summing up end2end TV, helping us to launch e2e back in September - we love it and think he's done a great job! Sharing again. Thank you Jack!

© end2end TV, Jack Wan 2021


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