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Broadcasting The Pirates! 🏴‍☠️ Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Here's a chance to pause and celebrate the advanced technical skills & creative brilliance of Hurstmere's Year 8 Media Team. They have taken their own concept through the whole production process to launch their own series of programmes, called The Pirates!

The Media Team are an incredible group who also support the collection of media content at school.

Let's take a look at Episode One!

The Pirates! is a series of programmes that has been in production since January this year. The Media Team have worked in our multi-camera green screen studio and production control room, gaining experience in a variety of professional roles from Camera Operators and Floor Manager to Vision Mixer, Sound Operator and Director; using broadcast equipment and working as a team to lead the whole production process.

Let's see how the story continues with The Pirates! Episode Two ...

With the creative process now in full swing, the story took on an entity of its own! Exactly how will the crew deal with their most annoying pirate? Will an impending attack influence the situation? Let's find out ...

The Pirates! Episode Three

A massive well done to our brilliant Media Team - we have really loved working with them to bring their programmes to life using green screen technology! They have impressed us in so many ways and we can't wait to see how their series continues. They'll have a box set next!

Learning advanced technical skills using broadcast equipment demands focus and teamwork - both of which the team have had in spades. Confidence has grown as characters have been developed in front of camera, but also from our crew - with Camera Operators learning higher level techniques from precise panning and slow zooms, to following the Director's instructions over the talk-back.

Our production control room has been full of technical brilliance, from reliable sound mixing to directing multiple cameras to capture the live action. You can tell by the smiles that learning by doing is definitely a lot of fun! Mixing fun with the team working seamlessly together has resulted in some amazing digital outcomes. Well done to the whole team!

A sneaky peak at Episode Four

Where have the pirates gone now?

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