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Winter Workshop Brilliance!

We loved running our two day Winter Workshop this week!

We welcomed 24 young people from thirteen different schools into our brand new multi camera studio & production control room; where they created storyboards, filmed & mixed short stories and news programmes live! We saw friendships grow, confidence bloom, tech skills advance and shared some funny moments too!

Working in small groups, everyone had the opportunity to experience real life TV Production roles, from being a camera operator and floor manager, to a vision mixer and director, as well as many others!

On day 2 the team were challenged further by mixing together three different locations using green screen technology, including having presenters reading from a teleprompter as we filmed news programmes live! We saw a fantastic amount of team work from everyone to enable this to happen.

"I liked the variety of roles we got to try in the TV Studio & Gallery. I really enjoyed using professionaI equipment and it didn't take me very long to understand what I needed to do when we mixed together a news programme. Filming was fun!"

You can take a look at some behind the scenes by watching the short video below - well done to everyone who attended. We really were super impressed!


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