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Meet the Crew!

Our e2e Crew are taking their technological skills even further than young people of their age have ever done before. Having worked with them since they were 8 years old, they are the first cohort to have completed our TV NOW! Scholarship Program; launched on 21st April 2021 and completed in December, having achieved a Bronze Arts Award; a level 1 certificate in the arts equivalent to a GCSE Grade 3-1 ... and they were still only aged 11-13! They're now embarking on their Silver Arts Award with us.


During our launch, we went out on location with our patron, Jeremy Harrison, supporting his project with the London Borough of Bexley and his MA students at Rose Bruford University, Sidcup. The crew were tasked with making a short film about their local park and enjoyed bringing their stories to life through the lens.


Let's hear what the e2e Crew thought:


"The launch of end2end TV has given us the opportunity to work with a fabulous team of people. I am really excited and looking forward to all the opportunities up ahead."

A - 3.jpeg

"The fact that we are learning with professional equipment as a team, whilst working towards a Bronze Arts Award is fun and makes me feel involved in something special."


"It's been cool to see us build our way up from small cameras to professional cameras, tripods and sound systems. It's exciting because it makes us look professional and I feel confident doing this. My hopes for the future include making a movie!" 


"It's exciting being involved in something nobody else has done before. So far there has been lots of hands on learning where we worked well as a team. I like learning about technology and am looking forward to helping to train others." 


"With us learning first and then passing it on to other students, that's great. It doesn't just give a small group of people new knowledge, it gives everybody knowledge and experience. This is more than I imagined it would be. If this is the beginning, what's coming next?" 


"Being shown how to do something and then actually learning by doing and having the opportunity to figure things out, rather than just sitting in front of a board, is the best way to learn. It's like an apprenticeship and we are often learning without realising it. I feel supported and happy I can achieve the Gold Arts Award, as well as confident in the future of e2e TV." 


Follow the e2e blog to find out about our latest adventures!

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