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GOLD Arts Award Success!

We are so proud to celebrate Dan's GOLD Arts Award success! Gold is a nationally recognised level 3 qualification equivalent to an AS level and Dan has not only achieved it with flying colours, he has become the first person to be awarded one in TV & Film Production!

His journey started back in April 2021, when he became one of the e2e Crew and joined our TV NOW! Scholarship Program. Within the first six weeks of training the crew had been published nationally! Dan sums up his personal thoughts here:

Being shown how to do something and then actually learning by doing and having the opportunity to figure things out, rather than just sitting in front of a board, is the best way to learn. It's like an apprenticeship and we are often learning without realising it. I feel supported and happy I can achieve the Gold Arts Award, as well as confident in the future of e2e TV.

For part of the award, Dan had to decide what skills he would like to develop in his chosen art form and whilst he worked on a vast array of tasks, he chose to concentrate on strengthening his camera operating skills. Dan needed to collaborate with another Arts Practitioner to inform his own practice and he decided to work closely with our Director, Andrew.

Andrew is highly skilled in his directing role; he is able to see big pictures and sequences, handling the fast paced role in the control room where he oversees and manages various production roles that work together to create TV & Film LIVE. I want to pause for a moment here to celebrate with you that Andrew is severely dyslexic and finds some types of learning much harder than most. However, he is a wonderful example of what is possible when you create an environment where young people learn by doing. You can see him in action in the Bafta award-winning FYI programme that was broadcast over Sky News in October.

Andrew was just 11 years old when he teamed up with 15 year old Dan for this section of his Gold Award. Dan explains his thoughts:

The Director played a leading role in my Gold Arts Award. Andrew's support was invaluable!

Another large part of the award was creating, managing and delivering an event which led to a public showing or performance of some kind. Dan held his own TV & Film Experience Day back in May this year, where young people from across the London Borough of Bexley joined e2e for a fun filled day. Dan then summed up the experience and live streamed to an online audience of all ages who later offered feedback, so Dan could evaluate his project. You can watch it here:

Dan created, planned, promoted, problem solved, delivered and evaluated his TV & Film workshop BRILLIANTLY. Jackie Clopet moderated Dan's Gold Arts Award for Trinity College London and whilst she was extremely positive about all of his digital portfolio, she particularly praised Dan's management skills and we couldn't agree more!

Unit 2 was clearly presented with large amounts of evidence of careful thought, planning and execution of an impressive leadership project with evidence of feedback from others, all of whom, clearly enjoyed the workshop. Well done. The variety and interest in the work completed was impressive.

end2end TV is incredibly proud of Dan's superb achievement! He is extremely knowledgeable, with advanced technical skills and has an innate understanding of not only the job at hand, but also his environment and those he works alongside. He is a wonderful role model and support as a young leader, getting the best out of others simply by being himself. He is a great member of our team. Celebrating was an absolute must and what better way than by sharing time together and having cake & mocktails! Click through some images below!

Well done on your GOLD Arts Award success Dan. Keep striving for your dreams!

I am so proud of the things I've accomplished over the last 19 months, but I couldn't have done it without each and every member of the e2e Crew. Every member of the crew has a key role, whether being in front of camera, behind it or offering moral support and boosting moral, I couldn't have worked with a better group of young adults! It's been truly incredible and inspiring to see!


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